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Use our Unique and extensive filtering options to find candidates with our advanced Talent Pool Search. Built with the Employer and Recruiter in mind, these tools will give you the candidates you've always been looking for.

YouthXP - Hire Youth - Hire Teens - Hire Young People

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Search the hours you need!

Search Candidate Availability

Capture as much attention as possible by adding in the availabilities you require so job seekers can see when you need them to work. You can also search for job seeker's availability in the Talent Pool to see when they are available too!

Our Benefits

Talent Pool Search Filters

Search by many variables, isolated or together, including whether they can drive, their age, their values, skills, and hobbies, and find the perfect candidate for your role.

Employee Benefits

Showcase your job offers more than just a wage. Add Employee benefits to your job ad to stand out from the other listings and give them another reason to apply.

Account Users

Create and manage users who have access to your account. Each user has their own login details and has their level of access set by an account manager.

Ad Analytics

View detailed analytics on your Ad’s performance to gain an understanding of what to improve for your next ad, or to confirm that your ad is doing well.

Share Links / Print

Share links to applicants’ profiles, search results, and more with your team members to find the right applicant for the job quicker and easier than before.

Talent Pool Results

View Employees age, what days of the week they can work, whether can they drive or have access to a vehicle, and if they are willing to work remotely, onsite or on the road.

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