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Download resumés from your candidates! Gain valuable insights into their personality, skills, and experience that could suit your course! Our resumés capture more valuable candidate information than ever before.

YouthXP - Hire Youth - Hire Teens - Hire Young People

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Say goodbye to re-typing data, preparing presentations and formatting Excel
spreadsheets. You can now share links easily
for Candidates & Talent Pool Searches.
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Share links to applicants’ profiles, search results, and more with your team members to find the right group of candidates quicker and easier than before.

Candidate Benefits

Showcase what benefits your course offers. Add candidate benefits to your course ad to stand out from the other listings and give them another reason to apply.

Account Users

Create and manage users who have access to your account. Each user has their own login details and has their level of access set by an account manager.


View detailed analytics on your adverts’s performance to gain an understanding of what to improve for your next advert, or to confirm that your advert is doing well.

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